The Story of Pogoseat

Pogoseat is a simple way to upgrade your seat while you’re at an event. With only a few touches on your smartphone you can improve your seating situation! Check out our video below to learn more!

Ducks Are Hunting This Season!


The Anaheim Ducks are off to a fast start this season, earning a 3-1 record over their first 4 games. The Ducks are favored by many to win the Pacific Division and are set to make another run for the Stanley Cup. Getting to the cup won’t be easy and they will likely have to face their cross-town rivals, the LA Kings, and/or the Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks.

The Ducks play their first home game on Friday and face the highly prospected Minnesota Wild. Seat upgrades will be available on the Ducks app which can be downloaded for iOS and Android. To learn more about Ducks upgrades and to signup for upgrade notifications, you can visit the Ducks upgrade page.

App Version 4.0 Released – List View Feature

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.32.25 PMPogoseat has released an update to its app. The major feature on this update is the incorporation of a list view. Fans can now toggle between our traditional ‘map view’ and our new ‘list view’ when browsing available seat upgrades. Once within the list view, fans can sort seats by pricing or by section enabling them to filter seat upgrade options that best suit their needs and their budgets.

The new release also includes a number of UX styling improvements as well as some improved functionality around account and credit card settings.  Be on the lookout for even more cool features to be available on our next release!

For more information on Pogoseat features and to test our demo, please contact

Experience Upgrades Launched!

Ever dream about hanging out with your favorite players before the big game? Well now you can! Pogoseat is thrilled to Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 3.54.40 PMannounce the launch of its Experience Upgrade feature which allows teams to provide unique in-game offerings for their fans.

The options are unlimited for what a team or venue can offer. Seat visits from a cheerleader or from a mascot, kick a field goal before a game or run the bases after one, and ride the zamboni between periods are just a few examples of what’s possible. This service can also be used as a convenience resource getting fans into fast track entrances into games or allowing them to order food  and merchandise right from their seats.

The San Antonio Talons, for example, are giving fans the opportunity to join the team captains for the coin toss and the Cleveland Gladiators are selling field passes paired with autograph packages.

We are excited to see what our partners come up with and to help fans customize their live-event experiences to make them unforgettable!

Pogoseat Releases App Version 3.2

Since releasing our  new app in April, we have continued to make additional improvements which are reflected in our latest release, version 3.2. The new flow will give fans the opportunity to interact with the map to preview available seats before entering their barcode numbers and will have a larger map area to browse during the upgrade selection process.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.59.57 AM

Here is a full list of the changes:

1) The login/Signup screen has been removed: users no longer have to decide if they would like to sign-in or proceed as a guest in the beginning of the upgrade flow. Now they  will have the option to sign-in before making the purchase (if not already logged in).

2) The seat preview map is now interactive: users can now browse the seat preview map before entering their barcodes to see prices. This feature will enable fans to see what seats are available before moving ahead in the upgrade process. If a user selects a seat on the preview map, the seat will remain selected after they enter their barcode  so they don’t have to browse to find that seat again.

3) The seat map is now larger: users have more room to browse available seat upgrades before making a purchase. The seat preview image has been converted to a thumb tab which when pressed, expands to display an even larger photo. So users will have a larger map to interact making it easier to find their desired upgrades.

Other minor styling changes and and user experience improvements have been made as well to further improve the app flow for fans. Follow this link to see a video of app flow 3.2.


Playoffs are upon us and two Pogoseat enabled teams are in the hunt. The Golden State Warriors and the Brooklyn Nets both face stiff competition from their respective 3 seeds and here’s how we see their first series going down:

nba-playoffsWarriors vs Clippers – Opener Saturday, April 19th:
These two teams split their regular season wins at 2-2 and many were hoping to see a close-fought battle here. Unfortunately, that may have been sabotaged with the recent Andrew Bogut rib injury. With Bogut out of the lineup Blake Griffen and DeAndre Jordan look to be dominant in the paint and the Warriors will have a much harder time defending against their inside play. However, for anyone who has watched the Warriors enough knows that they often fare best under the toughest circumstances. For them small ball will have to be the name of their game, with the Splash Brothers (Curry, Thompson) leading the charge behind the arc and David Lee working the inside. While it will be tough for the Warriors to bang out 4 wins  we’ve seen them dig deep before and we’re expecting to see a lot of support come from the DubNation fans to help pull off the series win.

Warriors in 7

Nets vs Raptors – Opener Saturday, April 19th:
Brooklyn and Toronto also split their regular season series at 2 and 2. This particular series, however, has a much more volatile outcome. The Nets seem to have wanted this matchup over matching with the Bulls so we will see what they do with it. To win Brooklyn will be looking to successfully run their post offense while the Raptors will be looking to disrupt it. The Nets will need to figure out a way to shut down the perimeter attack of Lowry and DeRozan as well or else they could be in for a rough ride. It will be interesting to see how a team of veteran players match up against youth and talent. Regardless of the outcome it should be a solid series to watch.

Nets in 7

The Ducks Gear-up for Playoff Action!

Dallas Stars v Anaheim DucksThe Anaheim Ducks have locked up the number one seed in the West with a whopping 116 points and end the regular season as the most powerful offense in the league, scoring a total of 266 goals.

The Ducks will face the 8th seed Dallas Stars in the first round of the playoffs, starting this Wednesday at the Honda Center in Anaheim. The Stars also have a high powered offense and we can definitely expect to see a lot of scoring in this series. These clubs met 3 times during the regular season recording a total of 20 goals, and with the Stars claiming victories in two of those games.

Fans attending games at the Honda Center will be able to upgrade seats using the Anaheim Ducks mobile app throughout the playoffs based on seat availability. For more information on Ducks seat upgrades, you can signup for email updates at

To signup for notifications for when upgrades go live for Wednesday’s game, visit

Springing Forward with our New App!

Pogoseat just launched a new iteration of its upgrade app and it’s looking HOT! The new app 8-screen-map-pricesincludes all the same functionality as its predecessor but with an entire new design and user experience to make the upgrade process quicker and easier for fans and patrons.

So what’s new on the new app?

Glad you asked, let us break it down for you:

1) No more screen scrolling – rather than scroll screen-to-screen to get to next steps, the upgrade search process is all done from one screen. A scroll-up menu allows users to enter their barcodes and then, once they select their seats, the purchase screen scrolls up to allow them to complete their purchase.

2) New look and feel – a little design love has given the app a sleek new look Users will find their optical taste buds bursting with delight when they go through the interface for the first time.

3) Seat view images – now, when a user selects a pin on a venue map, a photographed image of what a view from that section will populate, giving the users a preview of what their experiences might look like from their new seats.

4) Map clusters – using touch technology, fans will now be able to zoom in and out of the map by pinching and expanding their fingers on their mobile screens. Additionally, groups of available upgrades will be clustered and when fans click the clusters, the maps will zoom in and the clusters will break into pins located in various sections.

5) Guest checkout – sick and tired of spending the extra 10 seconds to sign into / or sign up for an account? We feel ya’! So to expedite the upgrade process even further, users can now bypass the login feature and check out to upgrade faster than Speedy Gonzalez, possibly even Wiley Coyote.

10-ticketAnything Else?

Now that you mention it, yes. There are many more bells and whistles added to the app to make the experience more enjoyable, but you will just have to test it out yourself to see what they are.

Additionally, we will be releasing various updates to the app over the next few months; introducing awesome new features such as the ability for fans to purchase unique in-game experiences. Stay tuned for more details on what’s to come!

Pogoseat Flocks to the Ice with the Anaheim Ducks!

Pogoseat has rolled out its seat upgrade service at Honda Center, enabling Ducks fans to get closer to the glass to see their red-hot team battle for first place in the West and ultimately, Lord Stanley’s Cup!

Finding the best seats at the Honda Center!

Finding the best seats at the Honda Center!

The service was successfully tested at the Ducks vs. Hurricanes this past Sunday night and will be available for the remainder of the season and playoffs. Fans can upgrade using the Ducks mobile app or by visiting from any web browser and will be able to start upgrading 2 hours before the drop of the puck all the way through the first intermission.

The Ducks currently have the most points of any team in the National Hockey League and will be battling for the final quarter of the season to lock up the Pacific Division, Western Conference and #1 seed in the League. The Ducks high powered offense, featuring Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, provide grade A entertainment for fans at Honda Center. Using Pogoseat, these fans will now have the opportunity to move to a better seat where they can catch a puck, bang on the glass after a goal or maybe even grab a stick after the game!

To signup to receive more information on Ducks seat upgrades, visit

Pogoseat Now Bicoastal!

The Brooklyn Nets have united with Pogoseat to help fans upgrade their in-game experience while at the Barclays Center. This new venture will launch for Nets fans at the beginning of the 2013/2014 NBA basketball season and will also be available at select other live events happening at the arena.  Fans will be able to upgrade directly from the Nets’ Team App (available for free through the App Store and Google Play) before and during the game.  For those who do not have an iPhone or Android can upgrade using the Pogoseat mobile website ( from any web browser.BrooklynNets

The Nets made big moves in the off-season, most notably with their pick up of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. These two power-houses join Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez to form one of the most talented starting lineups in the NBA. Couple that with a state-of-the-art  Barclays Center, the pre-season wins over 2013 championship team The Miami Heat, Jason Kidd as the new coach and a beefed up wifi network and you can imagine the excitement for this coming season.

Nets fans are going to be eager to get the best seats possible to see this star-studded Brooklyn roster and Pogoseat will help them do just that. To learn more about Pogoseat and sign up for updates on The Nets partnership, visit

Riding with the King(s)

The Sacramento Kings have partnered up with Pogoseat to help fans upgrade their in-game experience while at the Sleep Train Arena. Pogoseat’s seat upgrade app has been in beta to a small number of users during a select few pre-season games and will officially launch for all fans with the beginning of the 2013/2014 NBA basketball season.

DeMarcusCousinsFans will be able to upgrade directly from the King’s team app (available for free through the App Store and Google Play) before and during the game.  Fans that don’t have an iPhone or Android can upgrade using the Pogoseat mobile website ( from any web browser.

The Kings will be a team to watch this year. After all the uncertainty around the possible move it has been great to see the new changes being brought about by Ranadivé and company. Plus with the addition of Shaquille O’Neal as a minority owner it’s certain to be an interesting year.

The combo of DeMarcus Cousins down low and Ben McLemore on the perimeter will have fans eager to move closer to the action during hot games and Pogoseat will help them to do that. To learn more about Pogoseat and sign up for updates on the Kings partnership, you can visit